Save Fridays for Him

Isn’t it nice to have time together with someone you love? That’s what I did yesterday with my husband, who is also a wonderful human and my heaven-sent mate.

This photo was taken before the sun rose, which is the same time on the same day I had planned to go out painting with my friend Kim Victoria. But I forgot, because, as I replied to her text wondering where I was, “This tends to happen whenever my husband has a day off. I’m so excited to spend time with him I forget all my own plans.”

Kim and I didn’t actually confirm the night before, so I didn’t actually miss a concrete appointment, but it doesn’t matter anyway, because the next morning I just happened to be walking past her house when she came outside to say goodbye to her husband, who was off to his own activity.

“I wanted to tell you that you said something very important yesterday.” Kim said and kindly explained that spending time with her husband was also very important to her, so she and I agreed that we wouldn’t plan to do things on Fridays. We would save those days for our own needs. Tuesdays would be better for our painting forays.

Anytime Alan gets an offer to work more, I remind him that Fridays are super great for getting things done and going on dates. He agrees that no amount of money or prestige would make up for blessed personal time.

Do you feel like you are using your time for the best? As my youngest son has recently started kindergarten, I know that it’s optional. I could have tried again to homeschool all my kids. (And that would have been hard, but a worthy magnification of my motherhood calling.) But instead they sacrifice. They lose the sense of safety of home to go face the stresses of each day.

So when I get this time to myself, it had better be used to keep building and helping, not just self indulgence. I want to learn how to paint and move people to the kind of amazement and love of life and God’s handiwork, that I feel sometimes. It’s a worthy aspiration, one I pray for His help with.


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