Liquid Drawing

Painting is like drawing, but with liquid color!

This is a watercolor painting I did of my new friend in Church today. She didn’t know I was drawing her, and was pretty good at holding still, which any artist knows is extremely helpful to getting a likeness.

If drawing is the basis of painting, then painting is drawing with liquid color. I love it! I’m always excited to try again and keep learning to do something better.

I recall struggling to understand how to add color to a drawing many years ago. And today I felt gratified that it was not such a foreign concept to me anymore.

Something that helped my brain figure this out was to use my iPad and the Procreate app to pick color samples from photographs.

I felt like I was educating myself instead of “cheating”. Figuring out whether that strange grey color was in the blue or maybe the orange area of the color wheel helped my brain get back in touch with color, digitally, which is quite different from actual pigment mixing, something I feel like I can do.

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