Practice Makes Peachy

Don’t they look yummy?

We had many peaches in the house last Fall, so for one morning’s ten minute session in my art room, I looked up an image of some peaches and painted them just a little at a time each morning. It’s not really finished because I ran out of motivation. That’s ok, right? It was just for practice. Just for fun.

It was a success though, to me, because it sits in my bedroom and looks at me to remind me of how much I enjoyed putting layers of color down. “You know you love it! You should really do some more painting!” It says to me.

The translucency of the yellow peaches was maintained by doing that color first and putting all the darker colors around it to make it stand out.

I was pretty tickled to see how it was coming together. Art is just the practice of making illusions. What value is there in an illusion? The feelings you get from beautiful things can enrich your mortal experience and make you enjoy life better and see things more clearly.

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