A Visit with Kim Victoria

Kim and her husband, Tom, moved to my neighborhood after their home burned in the Paradise, CA fire. They started a new life among us and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them and their interesting talents. Tom is a children’s book writer (T. E. Watson) and loves doing author visits to schools. Kim Victoria has been an entrepreneur for years with her own stamping business. She is branching out into various web applications and will soon have a beginning art class online.

With my courage bolstered by taking many online courses, I wanted to engage with other artists and perhaps start a local Art Club. So I asked Kim if she wanted to join. We had a lovely conversation in her beautifully designed studio, and as I was leaving, I met her gorgeous and elegant Tom-cat, Jet.

I looked at his silky, long fur, and was struck by his beauty. I usually practice drawing human faces, but there was something so regal about him I asked if I could take a picture and then draw him. It’s a great feeling to be inspired by something beautiful. I hope that feeling came through in my rendition of him.

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