Buffalo hunting on the Scotts Bluffs, Nebraska

Drawing in the early morning before breakfast means I’m hungry. As I drew this ink practice I thought about how the American Bison were used to sustain the people who hunted them. I also thought about how the animals themselves felt about their lives on the land, the interconnected way God makes life on this planet possible, even though it’s not very nice that we eat other things. That’s just the way life is on this planet.

My husband has been sick, but he is recovering. I have considered what it would mean if he didn’t recover, and that’s not a very nice thing either, but that’s just the way life on this planet is. It includes sicknesses, injury and death.

Facing the possibility of losing our children in the car crash they were in last week, facing my husband’s sickness, my own easily torn tendons, etc. These all made me feel more gratitude and enjoyment until everything was as poignant and emotional as I dared to experience.

Life is actually supposed to be hard, be a struggle, be a test. There’s a good reason for this. Our souls are being tested to reveal our true allegiance. Do we truly love the Savior as we said we did before we were born? Now that we are born and have passed to the other side of the veil, we can’t remember anything except our basic spiritual desires, and it shows in whether we yield to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, which lead us in finding him again.

We are all hunting meaning in life, as well as trying to survive.

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